Supercritical CO2 Power Systems Considerations for Selection, Design, & Development of Turbomachinery

by R. J. Pelton, O. B. Dubitsky, K. D. Wygant, E. P. Demetri, & L. M. Larosiliere
Concepts NREC

Supercritical carbon dioxide (S-CO2) closed Brayton cycle gas turbines offer promising options for efficient, compact and relatively low temperature power generation systems. Realization of this promise is underpinned by proper selection, design, and development of high-efficiency turbomachinery having robust operability characteristics. We will first present a brief overview of the generic aspects of selecting appropriate turbomachinery architectures for four notional cycle layouts rated for moderate power output. This is followed by our main focus: a description of a multidisciplinary design of turbomachinery components for one of the four notional cycle layouts including preliminary assessments of operability characteristics. Finally, we briefly offer our approach for compressor development via small scale S-CO2 loop testing. Our overall intent is to highlight some key considerations which may be unique to the selection, design, and development of turbomachines for S-CO2 power systems.