Successful Operational Experience Sealing Supercritical CO2

by Jason T. Marquardt
John Crane Inc.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) using Supercritical CO2 has been around for decades and these pipeline applications have traditionally been handled using centrifugal pumps with non-contacting dry gas seals (John Crane has well over 1 million running hours in these applications). As the interest in CO2 capture and storage has greatly increased, new challenges have appeared as a result of the higher operating pressures, higher rotational speeds, increased temperatures, and resulting higher seal leakages for these new applications. Due to the unique properties of CO2 at supercritical conditions, there are several issues to consider regarding the sealing of the turbo-machinery selected for these applications. John Crane will present on its over twenty (20) years of field application experience applying dry gas seals and their respective seal support system requirements for SCO2 service.