Correlation of Reaction to Isentropic Velocity Ratio for a Subsonic Radial Inflow Turbine

by Jeff Noall & Bill Batton
Barber-Nichols Inc.

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Testing of the KAPL S-CO2 Brayton Cycle Integrated System Test (IST) turbo-compressor mod-le was completed at Barber Nichols Inc. The testing of this module was facilitated by the Sandia National Laboratory’s Gen IV test loop. The data from these tests were evaluated to identify some of the performance trends and characteristics of the radial inflow turbine design used in the IST. A good working knowledge of such characteristics can be used to provide improved control of the IST during transient modes of operation such as start up. The results of this analysis indicated that the level of turbine reaction can be well estimated by the isentropic turbine velocity ratio. The ability to readily make estimates of turbine reaction from basic performance measurements is key to being able to make real time estimates of turbine axial thrust.