Preliminary Results of Heat Transfer Experiments with Supercritical Carbon Dioxide in the Small System Test Loop

by Timothy L. Cox
Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory

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Experiments were performed to determine the thermal-hydraulic characteristics of supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) flowing on the shell side of shell-and-tube heat exchangers at temperatures and pressures near the critical point. Preliminary heat transfer results suggest that traditional heat exchanger analysis methods can be used to reasonably predict the shell-side heat transfer coefficient for CO2 and the overall heat transfer coefficient with CO2 in the shell side and water in the tubes when the CO2 is above the pseudocritical temperature and critical pressure. When the wall temperature is below the pseudocritical temperature, the experimental CO2 heat transfer coefficient is less than that predicted by traditional correlations. Experimental error near the pseudocritical temperature was large due to the sensitivity of the calculated specific heat to small errors in the measured temperature.