ANL Plant Dynamics Code & Control Strategy Development for the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Brayton Cycle

by Anton Moisseytsev & James J. Sienicki
Argonne National Laboratory

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The supercritical carbon dioxide (S-CO2) Brayton cycle is under ongoing development at Argonne National Laboratory as an advanced power conversion technology for advanced reactors of the type that have been investigated during the course of the Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems Initiative and the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (i.e., SFR, LFR, VHTR). A Plant Dynamics Code for system level transient analysis of the reactor plant with its S-CO2 power converter has been developed at ANL. The code has been developed specifically for S-CO2 cycle dynamics and control analysis because of the unique analysis needs for the S-CO2 cycle. Its modeling assumptions are aimed at reliably capturing the specific features that are unique to the S-CO2 cycle, the most significant of which is operating with compression of the CO2 near the critical point. The code has been utilized in developing an automatic control strategy for the S-CO2 cycle. It has been shown that the cycle can be controlled over the entire operating range of grid load. The most recent applications of the Plant Dynamics Code have been investigation of the maneuverability and stability of the S-CO2 cycle during operation, and analysis of the cycle behavior under specific transient conditions, such as the cycle behavior following a reactor scram in a liquid metal-cooled reactor. The paper describes the ANL Plant Dynamics Code including the unique code capabilities and applications.