Diffusion Bonding in Compact Heat Exchangers

by David Southall
Heatric Division of Meggitt (UK) Ltd.

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Heatric’s diffusion bonding process is a solid-state joining technology that produces strong, compact, all-metal heat exchanger cores. Diffusion bonding allows for a large quantity of joints to be made in geometries that would normally be inaccessible for conventional welding techniques. Since Heatric’s diffusion bonding process uses no interlayer or braze alloy, the resulting heat exchanger core has consistent chemistry throughout and, under carefully controlled conditions, a return to parent metal strength can be reached.

This paper will provide an overview of the diffusion bonding process and its origins, and also its application to compact heat exchanger construction. The paper will then discuss recent work that has been done to compare mechanical properties of Heatric’s diffusion bonded material with material that has been conventionally welded, as well as with material tested in the as-received condition.